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Instructor: Les Schowe

I am offering private, one-on-one, engraving classes for all skill levels of engraving. These classes will be taught in my engraving studio which is located in Louisville, Colorado (adjacent to Boulder, Colorado). I am mainly interested in teaching students, 1 or possibly 2 students per class, who live within driving distance of my studio.  The classes will be individually tailored to the skill level and interests of the student and the class schedule will be tailored to each students needs and the speed of progression in his or her engraving skills.  I also am offering day or multi-day classes for people who would be interested in coming in from much further distances.

My teaching plan is somewhat different and unique from most other plans, which require the student to travel to the school location and acquire room and board for the duration of the class. My plan will require each student to construct and maintain an engraving studio where he/she  can practice engraving, and complete various engraving assignments. Classes will be held in my studio, 1 or 2 hours duration per class, where personal one-on-one instruction will be given to each student on an as-needed basis. Each class will include an analysis of the students recent engraving work and/or class assignments, critique of his/her work, a new engraving lesson, and finally an engraving assignment which is to be completed before the next class. In this way the student can progress at his own speed and come in for the next class when needed. I believe that while engraving can be taught, that it can only be learned and mastered through a considerable amount of practice by the student.

All one-on-one class time will be charged at the rate of $75 per hour, or $400 per 8 hour day.  Consulting for setting up an engraving studio will be charged at $50 per hour.   I am also offering an “Introduction to Engraving” class for $100.  This is a 2 hour - or more if needed - class to cover the tools and supplies needed to set up an engraving studio, answer any and all of the potential students engraving related  questions, and time will be provided at the end of the class for the student to use my pneumatic engraving tools to actually do some hand engraving on a steel practice plate.My engraving instruction plan will also accommodate more experienced students who are having some problems with various areas of their engraving and only want help in that area.


In addition to the actual teaching of classes in my studio, I will be available to answer any question which may arise between classes. I will also be available to help and give advise to my students in attaining the engraving equipment which will be required for the construction of an engraving studio.  

There is a vast amount of information to be taught and learned.  It is my philosophy that a student can be easily taught the various engraving techniques but that it takes hours of practice, practice, and still more practice in order for the student to master the techniques and become proficient in engraving.  I will expect that the student spend, at a minimum, one hour per day practicing the various engraving skills and techniques.    

Each student will be required to construct and maintain their own engraving studio where they can practice engraving and complete homework assignments between classes.  The student can choose either (or some of each) Steve Lindsay Engraving Tools or GRS Tools. Information on Steve Lindsay Tools can be found at, and information of GRS Tools can be found at .


In addition to the actual teaching of classes in my studio, I will be available to answer any and all question which may arise between classes. I will also be available to help my students, whenever needed, in attaining the required engraving equipment and in the construction their studio.  I live in Louisville, Colorado which is a centrally located in the greater Denver/Boulder area.  

The engraving techniques which I will teach will be pertinent to firearms engraving, knife engraving, jewelry engraving and to many other engraving applications.  We will learn to engrave in many types of metals including sterling silver, argentium silver, copper, steel, stainless steel, and German-Silver (nickel/tin).  We will also learn both the traditional engraving styles as well as the Western Bright Cut engraving style, and script lettering styles.  Initial instruction will be on flat surfaces but later, in more advanced classes, we will progress to learn to engrave on curved surfaces such as firearms, rings and belt buckles.  We will also learn to use computer techniques which will greatly help us to complete engraving designs and transfer these designs to metal for engraving.

   If you are interested in learning to engrave from the very beginning or you are interested in improving your current engraving skills, please give me a call or send an email - - so we can set up a tailored teaching plan to help you achieve your engraving goals.


Basic Engraving: This area of instruction is designed for people who are new to engraving. This is a quick-start curriculum. In this area of instruction we will learn the fundamentals of graver geometry and sharpening, and the basic engraving techniques. At the completion of this level of engraving instruction the student will be able to complete a basic design on paper, transfer the design to metal, and then cut some very nice lines to implement the design.

Techniques to be covered in Basic Engraving:


Intermediate Engraving:

This area of instruction  is designed for students who have acquired the basic engraving skills outlined above, and who want to further develop and refine their engraving skills.

Techniques to be covered in Intermediate Engraving:

Advanced Engraving:

This area of instruction will be uniquely tailored for each individual student and is designed to take the student into whatever direction they would like to go in their engraving endeavors.  This could be: firearms engraving, bit-and-spur engraving, knife engraving or jewelry engraving. This instruction will challenge the student to engrave on some very complicated curved surfaces with obstructions, and include some beautiful precious metal inlays in the work.    

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